One size does not fit all, especially when
it comes to your child’s education


Engaging, online learning environment that is designed to capture students’ attention.

At Great Lakes Online Schools, we allow you and your child to customize their education to personally fit their learning style and pace. And unlike other online schools, our blended approach with Ovid-Elsie Area Schools,  gives students access to sports, extracurricular activities and exceptional teachers. All tuition free.

Individualized learning plans for every student.

Great Lakes Online School offers a curriculum that allows self-paced instruction, so students can advance more quickly in areas of strength and take their time in areas that require more focus. Students can even meet graduation requirements early!

Why Choose Great Lakes Online School?

We offer more than just online textbooks.  Our customized, engaging curriculum uses “adaptive learning technology” that meets students at their academic level.  No more boredom or frustration!


Now Enrolling for the 2018-2019 School Year!


We applaud Ovid-Elsie Area Schools for continuing their leadership in Mishigan by developing innovative and personalized education options for its students. Connections Learning is honored to have been chosen by Ovid-Elsie Area Schools to support their blended learning program with our high-quality. standards-aligned curriculum, cutting-edge technology including the Connexus® education management system; and dedicated talented teachers who are specially trained in online learning.

Dr. Steven Guttentag

President of Connections Learning